Is Strong Chemistry Required For A Strong Relationship?

Chemistry is what most say is required if you want a good partner. However, this is not really true at all. Chemistry consists of varied hormones. We are made up of these hormones – the testosterone, estrogen, serotonin and dopamine.

Explorers have high dopamine and so are novelty seekers and are creative as well as adventurous. Builders have high serotonin levels and are conventional, managerial as well as cautious. Directors have testosterone at high levels and so are single-minded, aggressive and analytical. Negotiators have more estrogen and are idealistic, empathetic and see the big picture.

You need to first see how the person treats you, their behavior, their willingness to accommodate your needs and more.

You can be attracted chemically to a person that has avoidant personalities, but then this is not what you need. You need your brain to be rewired. Relationships only thrive when they are built on trust as well as intimacy. Therefore, your choice should be based on your observation of the individual and not because you like them a lot.

What should be nonnegotiable factors are hard work, the ability to make you laugh, ability to communicate needs, wanting or not wanting children and more.