Brangelina: Together No More!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have split after staying together for a dozen years. Angelina stated that there were irreconcilable differences and so she had to end the marriage. She opted for joint legal custody but not for a joint physical one.

As per the attorney, this was a decision taken keeping in mind the health of the family. However, this is not sudden news if sources are to be believed. The differences have been piling up for some time now in fact trouble has been brewing for years.

However, Angelina says that they will always be a family. The various speculations regarding their break up range from:

Different parenting styles – where she states that she is upset with his style of parenting. She always plans outings for everyone and has amazing experiences planned for the children. Whereas, Brad was more influenced by the strict upbringing which he received. He is a strict disciplinarian with the boys, and he always feels he needs to help them to find out what they should do in life.

The divorce also could be a result of her focus on her health and she that she did not want to stay away from her home and children, whereas Brad wanted an adventure and a wild and carefree life.

When they filmed By the Sea in Malta, Angelina felt that it was emotionally draining. There was also speculation that this could be a result of Brad’s relationship with Marion Cotillard who was his costar. As per Page Six of the New York Post, Angelina is supposed to have hired a private investigator who was to investigate Brad’s movements when he was filming Allied at London.

There was also a rumor that she was intensely jealous about Lizzy Caplan

Other sources state that Angelina is fed up of the mid-life crisis that Brad is going through.

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Writen by Dave Dat

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