Fiber – What Good Are You?

You will hear several people say that fiber is good for you. Advertisements, be it in print or visual media, scream about how their products are packed with fiber. Doctors advise their patients to include more fiber in their diet, when you go on diets, again you are recommended high fiber to be included, and the list goes on.

However, what good does fibers do, you may ask.

Soluble fiber slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body, and it also slows down the absorption of sugar, and therefore it helps to keep the sugar levels in the blood under control.

When the intake of fiber increases, the risks of heart attacks decreases. In fact, there is an inverse link between the consumption of fiber and the decreasing of heart disease.

When you consume 7 grams of fiber more on a daily basis, the risk of strokes decrease by 7%

Fiber supplements help those that want to reduce as it makes the person feel fuller and therefore less likely to snack. It also decreases the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Fiber especially that from psyllium husk helps in removal of fungus and yeast from the body, and so this helps in clearing your skin else these are excreted through the skin by means of rashes and acne.

Insoluble dietary fiber decreases the risk of inflammation of the intestine which is known as diverticulitis. This risk reduction is by 40% when you have a diet which is rich in fiber, the risk of hemorrhoids are reduced as you do not need to strain.

Fiber helps people with irritable bowel syndrome as well

Kidney stones and gallstones risks are decreased due to the regulation of blood sugar.

For these and so many different reasons as well as health benefits, fiber is recommended in the diet.

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Writen by Dave Dat

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