Power Packed Workouts

The new mantra is to get the most bang for your buck. This has percolated to each and every sphere of life. This is true when it comes to exercise, carbohydrates, sunlight, work habits, calorie intake and more.

To maintain good cardiovascular fitness, you need to do high-intensity training just once in two weeks as regardless of if you do it once a week or once in two weeks, the VO2max is still maintained.

In order to increase and improve the endurance as well as capacity for aerobics, you can just do a single tabata four-minute protocol in a single exercise. This could be either jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squat thrusts or even burpees. This allows an improvement of aerobic capacity by 8%

In order to increase the fitness levels overall, a 7-minute workout is what you need. This will improve the physical capacities in a really short span of time. These exercises need to be performed for 30 seconds and that too with a 10-second rest between them. The exercises are like wall sits, jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, squats, step-ups, dips, lunges, running in the same place with the knees high, pushups which are with rotation as well as side planks.

In order for increasing the metabolic health, a program which will allow three sets of 4 seconds sprints for five times needs to be done. These should have 20 seconds of rest, and it should be done thrice-a-week.

In fact between four and six bouts of 30 seconds each of sprint cycling with rest of four minutes when done thrice-a-week, helps to increase the sensitivity to insulin.

For controlling blood sugar, what is needed is 15 minutes of walking after each meal. This decreases the spikes in sugar levels in the blood, and it also improves the levels of fasting sugar levels in the blood.

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