What Are Some Ways To Maintain Your Agility, Strength, And Power?

As you get older, it may seem that the strength, agility, as well as power, decreases. This is what results in senior citizens being more feeble. However, this need not be so.

Here are some exercises which can help you maintain your power, strength, and agility, despite your age.

Stair climbing helps not only the walking speed as well as the power of the hands as it involves using handgrips, but it also includes skills such as coordination, strong glutes, balance, hamstrings, and quads. Those suffering from strokes need to undergo stair training for 30 minutes a day for five days in a week for a total of 4 weeks to ensure their balance and posture control improves. The stairs need to be taken so that you can predict peri-operative complications as well as cardiopulmonary complications which are post-operative as well as complications which are caused post lung cancer surgery.

· Dancing increases the functional capacity and strength. It can be used for building muscle as well.

· Jumping for adults helps with improving functional capacity as well as strength.

· Hopping in place for just 20-40 repetitions strengthens the bone as well as muscles, and it increases the agility and improves the balance.

· Tai Chi helps to build strong legs and increase the muscle endurance as well as strength. It increases the bone density and torque as well.

· Super slow training includes lifting as well as lowering weights in a very slow pace. The lifting should take at least 10 seconds, and the lowering should take 4.

· Superfast training is another option where the muscle performance and functional capacity improves.

· Medicine ball slams improve the balance, stability as well as posture of the individual.

· Hill sprints are good for people who have bad joints and especially knees as they are easier on the joints.

Writen by Dave Dat

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